Facial Treatments

We believe in the importance of facials being part of your beauty routine. Your face is the one area of the bod y that is almost always exposed to the elements including sun, wind and cold. In order to keep your face glowing and youthful, having a regular facial is ideal.


Manuka Honey Facial

Nature’s cure for thirsty, moisture-deprived skin – Manuka Honey. This facial treatment restores hydration and glow with an expert botanical blend of hydrating Manuka Honey, sensorial Pear, and Fig Fruit Enzymes, and restorative Plant Cell Extracts. The treatment begins with a luxurious Manuka Honey cleansing massage, followed by a revitalizing enzyme exfoliation to smooth and hydrate the skin. A nourishing Manuka facial massage is followed by a restorative firming mask to truly drench your skin in healing honey.

60 min. – KYD 160

Vitamin C Glow Facial

This brightening facial helps revitalize your skin’s radiance, harnessing the remarkable synergy of Vitamin C and marine botanicals. Our exclusive treatment unveils a luminous complexion through the powerful combination of L-Ascorbic Acid and three invigorating algae’s, including the renowned French Algae. Featuring Vitamin C15 Wrinkle Remedy Serum and N. Poeticus & French Algae Brightening Essence, this opulent facial not only illuminates your skin but also helps impart a noticeable firmness while significantly enhancing its texture and tone.

60 min. – KYD 160

Gemstone Collagen Facial

Knesko has created the perfect balance between science and spirituality, treating the skin holistically and naturally with the healing powers of gemstones and reiki energy. You’ll enjoy an anti-ageing marine collagen mask that works to treat fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, puffiness, and uneven skin tone. Each mask also harnesses the healing energy of Reiki to promote balance within the body’s seven chakras.

60 min. – KYD 160

Anti-Ageing Facial

Experience the transformative power of our Advanced Anti-Aging Facial, designed to lift and firm. Harnessing the potent benefits of argan oil, peptides, and retinol, this luxurious treatment revitalizes your complexion, reducing wrinkles, and fine lines and promoting a radiant, healthy glow Indulge in this harmonious fusion of key ingredients, expertly tailored to your unique needs, and embrace a new chapter of ageless beauty.

60 min. – KYD 160

Deep Cleansing Facial

This invigorating facial is designed to shed dullness and unveil a radiant, renewed complexion. Dive into a detoxifying oasis with an invigorating blend of Aloe Vera’s cooling hydration, Hibiscus’ antioxidant and exfoliation power, Oats’ soothing protection, and Salicylic Acid’s targeted blemish-fighting action. This facial journey begins with a renewing cleanse to prime and nourish the skin, which is followed by a double dose of Salicylic Acid and Hibiscus AHAs to promote cell turnover. A lymphatic massage and application of potent Plant Stem Cell extracts complete this blissful escape, so that you can emerge with a complexion that is restored ready for new beginnings ahead.

60 min. – KYD 160


Facial Enhancements

After selecting the best treatment type for you, we welcome you to choose one of the following beneficial facial enhancements to maximize your experience.
No extra time needed.

Manuka Honey Mask

A sweet finish to any Naturopathica treatment, this decadent, rubberized
mask contours the face, amplifying the absorption of serums and facial oils. Enriched with the soothing properties of Manuka Honey and Hyaluronic Acid, it
effectively calms any redness associated with extractions or exfoliation. When the mask is gently lifted away, you’ll unveil deeply nourished and radiant skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and pampered.

KYD 20

Natural Collagen Knesko Mask

Knesko Skin bridges science and spirituality with revolutionary Gemclinical™ skincare technology. Developed by a Reiki Master and with a team of doctors, their serum-infused collagen gel masks use precious gemstones and minerals to activate the Chakras and help rejuvenate your skin.

Eyes KYD 15 | Face KYD 30


Spa Longer

Elevate your favorite treatment with our exclusive add-ons, thoughtfully selected to extend your stay in our haven. Our collection is crafted to elevate your experience, delight your senses, and nourish your body.

LED Therapy

Stimulate collagen production, clarify skin, and relax the mind with advanced LED therapy.

15 min. - KYD 30

Mighty Mint Foot Therapy

A revitalizing foot and lower leg treatment designed to invigorate the entire body Calves and feet are massaged with energizing Peppermint and stimulating Horse Chestnut to enhance circulation Feet are then cocooned in aromatic steamed towels to awaken the senses from head to toe.

15 min. - KYD 40

Peppermint Hand & Arm Therapy

This energizing enhancement combines a detailed hand and arm massage with a therapeutic multi-purpose cream Extracts of Peppermint and Horse Chestnut improve circulation, while steaming hot towels steeped in aromatic essential oils relieve hand and wrist tension to help address carpal tunnel syndrome and computer fatigue.

15 min. - KYD 40

Warm Oil Scalp Therapy

This energizing scalp treatment is designed to promote relaxation, ease muscle aches, and soothe stress. A warm oil applied vigorously to the scalp, neck, and shoulders to stimulate circulation and relieve muscle tension.

15 min. - KYD 40


We are dedicated to making each visit with us a great experience.
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