Botanika Union

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B/U Journey

Begin your wellness journey at Botanika Union by getting cozy in our Relaxation Lounge or just taking in the tranquility of our Serenity Garden.

We also encourage you to indulge in a holistic beverage at our Vitality Bar, which offers natural elixirs, herbal tonics, organic teas and tinctures to help enhance health and promote happiness.


Begin your wellness journey with us

Your journey begins the moment you arrive. A member of the B/U team will warmly welcome you with a healthy selection of beverages including organic teas or a nourishing drink made with one of our tinctures. During this time, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive consultation form that will help us customize the treatment to your specific wellness and beauty needs.

Comfy robes and slippers will also be offered if you decide that you want to change into more comfortable attire.


Choose from a unique and curated menu of treatments

Your dedicated B/U expert will discuss your wellness and beauty routine as well as ask you how you want to feel after the session. This will help them personalize your treatment to your individual needs and wishes.


Learn how to enhance your daily wellness rituals

After the session, your B/U expert will offer you a healthy beverage. They will also provide a checklist of the specific Naturopathica items that were used, offer recommendations on how to extend the benefits of your treatment, and provide guidance on how to enhance your daily wellness and beauty routine.


Sharing our love for self-care

When it comes to investing in your wellbeing, we know how important it is to have the right therapist providing the treatment. We believe that connection is key. Our team of holistic experts will ensure that your wellness and beauty wishes are met and you leave us feeling pampered and rejuvenated.


Our Apothecary Table and Naturopathica Collection

Our handpicked collection of holistic-inspired retail items features our extensive collection of Naturopathica products and other wellbeing items such as incense, candles, tinctures, and teas from holistic brands such as Anima Mundi, Incausa, The Ritual Store, MultiReflex, plus so much more.


How to experience

Botanica Union

We offer guests a nourishing space with a unique and curated menu of treatments, holistic therapies, and expert sessions from our Wellness Collaborators on topics of the mind, body, and soul. We also recognize the power of rituals creating abundance, compassion, and vitality in everyday life. At Botanika Union, we hope to inspire guests to create daily rituals that will help enrich every component of their life – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.