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Botanika Union Celebrates 5 Years!

We are so grateful to have you as part of our wellness journey.

This month we are excited to celebrate our fifth anniversary here at Botanika Union Spa. Offering a full range of facial & massage treatments, as well as an array of body scrubs, wraps and nail treatments, BU is the place to be this summer and year-round. Guests can also enjoy a selection of enhancements that can be added on to customize your chosen experience and maximize the benefits without adding additional time.  

BU believes in a holistic approach to skin health and well-being, offering restorative services that promote healing from the inside out. We are proud to partner with Naturopathica and KNESKO, two well-respected brands in the health and beauty industry that offer great results. 

Guests can begin their wellness journey at Botanika Union by getting cozy in our relaxation lounge or just taking in the tranquility of our serenity garden. We also encourage you to indulge in a holistic beverage at our Vitality Bar, which offers natural elixirs, herbal tonics, locally made kombucha and organic teas and tinctures to help enhance health and promote happiness. 


We are excited to introduce Mii, a new nail brand from the UK. Mii is about you – who you are and who you choose to be in this moment. Mii prescriptive treatments, with Colour Confidence Nail Polish and Statement Gel Polish, all are designed to deliver healthy natural nails by offering a formula and a colour for every individual, and for every occasion. Mii features ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients, is vegan and not tested on animals. 


Here at BU we’re looking forward to introducing the latest mask from the KNESKO range, Green Jade Calm Face Mask. Green Jade is joined by other soothing ingredients, all working to nourish the skin, combat redness and strengthen the skin barrier. 

Bridging science and spirituality with revolutionary skincare technology, KNESKO is known for their collagen hydrogel masks that can hold up to 500 times their weight in liquids, allowing room to jam-pack them with a range of premium ingredients such as marine collagen, bamboo charcoal, antioxidants, and tea tree leaf oil. With such a strong cocktail of good-for-you components, skin will instantly look and feel tighter, brighter, and more youthful. 

Join Our Feel-Good Movement 

Our highly skilled Beauty Therapists are trained in many specialties and can provide a range of bespoke treatments as well as thorough consultations to ascertain the client’s main focus and desired result, whether they are partaking in a luxurious facial, massage or nail treatment. Guests can complete their wellness journey with a selection of Naturopathica teas or tonics, which work with the body’s natural processes to help promote radiance, relieve stress, and enhance vitality. 

Soak up the good vibes and luxuriate in the beautiful space at Botanika Union while being pampered from the inside out. We look forward to seeing you soon at Botanika Union Spa!